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infections are commonly known by healthcare practitioners and individuals suffering from them, yet the pervasiveness and invasiveness of these complex organisms are often little known and underrepresented. Actually, yeast and fungal infections are advancing rapidly upon the human system and throughout our ecosystem.Today, the average individual is constantly experiencing yeast-fungal overgrowths, often accompanied by lichens – a yeast-algae organism, which can also wreak havoc with one’s system. According to the Merck manual, Candida is the fourth leading cause of blood infections.

  These three different organisms are frequently under recognized because they create symptoms which mimic hundreds of health conditions, including but not limited to the following:    


Sinusitis   Frequent vaginal yeast infections
Halitosis Depression
White coating on tongue (thrush) Lichen Planus
Dandruff Anal itching
Filmy or foggy vision Excessive itching on body
Fungus infested nails Vegetative growths on heart valves
Extreme fatigue Excessive craving for sweets
Impotence Prostititis
Allergies Chemical sensitivities
Memory loss Gastrointestinal bloating and distress
Glandular failure Infertility

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