Watch Nathan's story about how he overcame asthma and allergies naturally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUbzauTpft0&feature=youtu.be[quote]The hard core horse pill Diflucan prescription couldn’t TOUCH what the General Candida formula has done. In less than 24 hours of drinking this tea, I woke up WITHOUT the burning pain in my mouth, tongue and throat that diet changes, medical doctor’s visit and prescriptions could not correct. Herbal Solutions formulas really really work! I’m grateful and I trust them.[/quote]              Heidi, Wauconda, IL [quote]I noticed an improvement in my condition from the first day I drank the (Nutrients for the Endocrine System) tea.[/quote]              Judy, Chicago [quote]In 2006, I had a surgical procedure to remove a cancerous growth on my thyroid gland. The removal of the whole thyroid was deemed necessary. In 2009, I discovered a large mass in my throat in the same area as the cancer had been located. I contacted my endocrinologist and after a physical exam, she scheduled a sonar exam to be completed within the month. At the same time, I contacted Dr. Gene Ridley of Natural Health Inc. and scheduled an examination. He encouraged me to begin a treatment program utilizing Metabolic Cleanser formula six times a day. I did so. When the sonar exam was completed, my endocrinologist said there was no evidence of cancer. Also, the swelling in my neck disappeared. Following Dr. Ridley’s program, I have not had a re-occurrence of this symptom.[/quote]             Ramona, Moline, IL [quote]Despite the medicinal taste, I eagerly drink the General Fungal tea whenever I’m coming down with a cold or flu. It works better than anything I know of and I’m over the condition in two to three days.[/quote]               Nathan, Washington D.C. [quote]My bloating went down the first day I drank the (Herbal Support for GMO Exposure) tea![/quote]              Theodora, Chicago [quote]I was experiencing fatigue, decreasing physical strength, and overall malaise. I visited Natural Health Inc. and the diagnosis indicated that I would benefit from the Metabolic Cleanser tea. I drank it regularly, and ordered more from the online store. Within the year, my strength returned and the symptoms subsided. I followed up with Natural Health Inc. – and with my regular Well Woman exam – and the results were normal. I like the teas because there are no side effects and I can address health concerns at a subjective level.[/quote]             Susan, St. Louis [quote]I don’t like taking anything ever. But these herbs really helped my condition.[/quote]             Lee, Chicago