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hERBAL Protection AGainst Super Bugs

 [sale_products per_page="12"]Beta Micro-Balancer

An integral component of our anti-yeast and anti-microbe program, and was formerly known as Chronic Infections.  These formulas help the body to eliminate excess microbial agents, such as yeast,  fungi and some parasites.


Our formula is highly recommended for infections, yeast over growths and compromised immunity, such as a weakened or vulnerable immune system. We typically use this formula as part of a full regimen for yeast related conditions.

Cold and Flu

Don't just fight the symptoms of your cold and flu this season! Get to the root cause! It is common knowledge that there is no known cure for the cold and flu strains that affect us today. In fact many of today's cold and flu remedies seek only to suppress or relieve symptoms. Luckily the human immune system is designed to handle these problems at the source by defeating or expelling foreign invaders. Our cold and flu herbal tea differs from most cold and flu remedies.