Digestive difficulties

A tablespoon of vinegar can be ingested to aid some digestive difficulties such as gas within fifteen minutes after eating or gas caused by eating beans. The vinegar can also be added to the dish being consumed to reduce gas production after eating. For heartburn, acid reflux and trapped gas drink two teaspoons of baking soda mixed in a quarter glass of water.

Other options

Reduced levels of pepsin in the human G.I. system can lead to many difficulties and complaints. If the pepsin is replenished, difficulties can be reduced and eliminated. Pepsin can be replaced by nutritional supplements containing pepsin, and by eating okra or other mucilaginous vegetables and herbs. Also, plassing a warm compressor over one's abdomen can help alleviate pain. Eating tripe (cow stomach) traditionally found in menudo, flacki or kishka can be beneficial to assist healing in the G.I. tract.

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