This One’s for the Ladies

The reproductive system of a woman consists of ovaries, uterus, and the breast. The best thing you can do to keep the reproductive system healthy is to ensure that the micro organisms and the vaginal floras stay balanced. It is important to keep the bacteria and yeast in ratio to help keep the vaginal environment clean and healthy. We find that most reproductive problems are related to yeast overgrowth or bacterial overgrowth. And once we know how to effect the micro organism environment in the vagina, we have a better chance at staying healthy. Often if a woman is taking certain medications the PH inside the vagina increases as the acidity increase, this kills off any good bacteria, leaving the woman susceptible to vaginal infections. Traditionally, throughout time women have used bacteria to keep the vaginal environment healthy, such as, yogurt, Kefir, and buttermilk. These substances contain flora and can be directly inserted into the vaginal cavity, via a tampon or other method. These bacteria’s compete with the yeast for nutrients and space, therefore helping to diminish yeast overgrowths. However, any woman experiencing a heavy discharge or odors should seek a health professional’s assistance. There are a few things a woman can do at home to help the vagina correct its self and maintain a proper level of bacteria to yeast ratio. A paste can be made from flora/fauna (yogurt, Kefir) mixed with olive oil, place approximately a 1/3-1/2 tsp. of this paste on a tampon, and insert for the day and continue this regimen for 3 consecutive days. This is usually enough for the vagina to correct itself. Also, infrequently douching with vinegar and water; vinegar helps support these good bacteria colonies, as vinegar is produced by bacteria. For reproductive health, a Sitz bath can help by increasing circulation and promoting drainage of the pelvic area. For Herbal Support during a woman’s menstrual cycles, traditionally Dong Quai and Fenugreek have been used. It’s also a good idea to avoid iced drinks during the menstrual cycle as they have the tendency to promote clotting and slow the recovery. At Herbal Solutions, we recommend a few products to help promote health and well being for women, such as: Nutrients for the Endocrine System, which can increase libido and provides support to the adrenal and pituitary glands; Sitz Bath Solution For Pelvic Inflammation, which is a great formula for women who may be experiencing vaginal discomfort; and Tan Kwe Gin, which is a great tonic to use when a women is craving sugar during her menstrual cycle, as it nourishes the blood by providing complex sugars. In closing, we should always remember that nature often has more to offer than artificial methodologies. We shouldn’t feel limited by what was learned from healthcare professionals, as there are other more traditionally effective methods.