Physical Healing Workshops

Learn physical manipulation, massage and special movement techniques to improve the physical health of you and your loved ones. This course is instructed by a licensed doctor of naprapathy with over thirty years' experience in practice. We'll teach you how structural health and adjustments can have a dramatic effect on the healing process even where chronic conditions are concerned. We at Herbal Solutions are happy to announce that we are hosting a new series of workshops beginning this March. Join our expert certified naprapath and herbalist for an eye-opening and empowering discourse on self healing principles and techniques which you can use to better your life TODAY. Introductory courses are a free opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge on health and the human body. Our intermediate and advanced courses build upon this foundation teaching you to apply what you've learned with simple, effective and yet revolutionary techniques based in scientific fact and proven over 30 years of clinical practice. This is truly a great opportunity to benefit from our wealth of knowledge on natural healthcare. Our intermediate courses feature three classes, one per week over three weeks. These courses build upon our free introductory classes with hands on instruction and demonstration of various psychic healing techniques, physical healing techniques and reliable diagnostic tools such as kinesiology. This event posting is for our Psychic Healing courses which we will be hosting at our 935 W Chestnut location in Chicago, IL on the dates listed in the table above. Classes will be limited to 15 per session. Please RSVP for seating. RSVP email: RSVP Phone: 312-243-5095 RSVP Fax: 312-243-5092 COST PER CLASS IN THIS SERIES: $25 COST FOR FULL COURSE SIGNUP: $65 (You SAVE $10.00)

About Our Healing Workshops

Our new workshops are centered around the healing arts with a focus on natural self healing and applied techniques. We'll be offering a total of seven different classes in the month of March so be sure to check our events page for detailed schedules! Our introductory classes are FREE and consist of a single one hour class. We are also offering more in - depth classes at affordable rates. Our in-depth and advanced classes are one hour per week for three weeks.