We all get headaches right? I get headaches, sometimes pretty frequently. Usually it happens when deadlines are coming up, or just when I need my brain on the job. I never knew why I get headaches, in fact I only knew one way of dealing with a headache: painkillers. Usually ibuprofen prescribed by my doctor. I never knew why or how exactly I got my headaches so naturally I just put it down to stress. That is until I was hit by a serious headache this weekend and so I decided that I just had to find out what natural remedies could do for headaches. After a little research I came up with some interesting info so I decided to share it here! For starters I learned that headaches are actually the body’s way of telling us something’s off. Pretty obvious, right? It turns out that headaches can occur for any number of reasons, and if we know where the pain is, its actually pretty easy figure out what’s wrong. So let’s get started. The first step is figuring out where you have a headache. There are four areas to choose from here: the front back, top, and either side of the head. So here is where things get interesting. If you’re feeling pain at the front of your head it usually means you have a sinus headache so for you a neti pot filled with water and a little bit of salt and baking soda should do the trick. If your pain is at the back of your head it can actually mean your back or neck are out of alignment. Sorry but you’ll have to find a good chiropractor or naprapath for that one! If you get headaches right at the top of your head that usually means you’re dehydrated so drinking water is the best solution. Now when you have pain at the sides of your head or near the temples it usually indicates blood toxicity, which means that toxins in your blood have thrown off your natural chemistry. That had me a little worried but it turns out there are some simple solutions for these as well. One way is to drink plenty of water which dilutes your blood and helps to promote a healthy balance. Blood cleansers are also good for these since they’ll help you get rid of the toxins that are causing your headaches!