Eczema’s Enigma

Eczema; if we don’t have it ourselves, we know someone who does. When eczema flair ups happen most of us are at its mercy with itching, scaling and redness. We try steroid creams and various “eczema” medicines; we may change our soap and detergents. Some of us may even try to vary our diets. But even with all our efforts, it returns, sometimes with a vengeance! Eczema is an expulsion of debris that has generally collected in areas with slower circulation, such as, the joints and tendons that are closely bound to the skin. And, overtime, the body, namely the lymphatic system, tries in earnest to get rid of this excessive debris, but becomes overwhelmed and sends it through the skin, resulting in eczema or psoriasis. This is essentially a physiologic health serving mechanism at work, the body doing exactly what it is supposed to do. To understand how to help the body through its natural course of ridding itself of this excessive debris, we must first understand what gives rise to eczema. Essentially it is what we call, leaky gut. The stomach is overly permeable, meaning it allows inferior food stuffs to pass through that it shouldn’t, because of this, the foods we eat sometime leak through the stomach and accumulate in the blood. There are foods that are more prone to cause leaky gut, mainly those high in yeast. Over 80% of people have excessive amounts of yeast organisms in their diets. When we consume large amounts of yeast, as it leaks through our stomach and the tendrils contained in yeast organisms attach themselves to the tissues in our body, which in turn inflames the tissue. In the late 1990’s, there were various world-wide studies that showed that ibuprofen, acetaminophen and NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs), caused gut erosion and secondary arthritis. When we take these types of drugs, we are suppressing the symptoms of the underlying problem, which allows the manifestation of new issues (gut erosion and secondary arthritis) to arise as the system becomes overloaded.  This further exacerbates a “healing crisis” in our bodies, sometimes showing up as a cold, the flu, or inflammation. The body only has a limited amount of defense mechanisms to use but there are millions of things that can, and do, affect the body. The body’s defense mechanisms sometimes appear as hives, diarrhea, vomiting, or skin eruptions, such as, eczema. So, from a natural perspective, what can we do to help our body’s natural healing tendencies?

  1. Take the burden off of the gut. Eat lighter, softer, less fibrous foods. When combating eczema, it is important to allow the gut to heal. Foods like mashed potatoes or yogurt are good examples.
  2. Eliminate yeast from the diet. Taking an agent, such as one of our Candida Cleanses, will help reduce the numbers of yeast organisms and can promote a die-off of some of these organisms. This will immediately allow the body to “self correct” to allow regeneration and repair. Learn more about yeast organisms, and recommended treatments, at the Yeast Corner.
  3. Increase floras. This is essential to gut repair and is necessary to promote a healthy balance between yeast and floras. Learn more about Maintaining Healthy Flora and Fauna.
We have helped thousands of patients in combating an over abundance of yeast. Once the body regenerates and self corrects, not only will you feel better, but you will also see less skin eruptions, like eczema!