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Dots and Spots and GMO's

Dots and Spots and GMOs?

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Most of us may be somewhat familiar with GMO, the acronym for genetically modified foods - you know the stuff with all the controversy around it and contradictory points of view.  Some don’t mind the notion of GMO. They say we need GMO to feed an increasing world population and protect our food source. Many, however, disagree and think we should know what happens when scientist go Frankenstein on our eats and nutrition.  Proponents, including the USDA and FDA, say that there is no risk to human health and that GMO foods are perfectly safe for consumption by humans.

On the other hand, we have scientists disputing this information and the data presented by GMO manufacturers. They cite great potential risk to human health and the environment.  Countries outside the U.S. – Belgium, Finland, Russia and others – want nothing to do with GMOs whatsoever.  The Chinese government banned them from all of their military bases.

But we who are left with the acronym GMO hardly ever make the connection between eating GMOs and physical well-being.  So we started asking around and learned some anecdotal information regarding what people experience when they eat foods that are known to be genetically modified.

[caption id="attachment_5931" align="alignright" width="300"]Suspicious skin mole as a medical dermatology concept for screening moles as a dark red growth on the human epidermis shaped as a question mark as a symbiol for uncertain diagnosis iof a benign or malignant melanoma cancer. Suspicious dark red growth on the human epidermis shaped as a question mark uncertain diagnosis, a benign or malignant melanoma cancer.[/caption]

Here are some of the results:

  • Many report itching or a rash, especially over the abdomen initially.
  • Others report feeling chilled or nauseous during or directly after a meal
  • Still others, severe abdominal pain after eating
  • A more predominant result is the appearance of brown or red spots. Presumably which ones we get are dependent upon the type of organism inherent in the modified food consumed. These spots tend to occur over the chest wall, over the lungs.  Many who have lesions on the chest wall experience flu-like symptoms that may last 2 – 3 weeks.

There seems to be some connection between where the brown or red spots appear and the symptoms one gets.  For instance, when the modified agent is in general circulation the spots tend to appear on the limbs over large or medium blood vessels.  When the spots appear over the course of the colon, individuals feel bowel syndromes, such as IBS or other bowel dysfunction.   When spots appear over the stomach, individuals relate upper digestive complaints, such as belching and bloating.

This anecdotal data correlates with known research. Researchers have documented organ damage in laboratory animals.  Similar symptoms and occurrences are also seen in the veterinary world. Entire herds can get sick, become infertile or die suddenly.  Veterinary results do not connect directly to us, but maybe we should start to pay attention – after all, we are part of the animal kingdom.

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If you have spots occurring mysteriously for no reason and you look up from time to time and there’s a new one, suspect genetically engineered foods in your thinking.

 [trx_infobox style="regular" title="Read more" closeable="no"]Read more about the GMO Controversy from the International Business Times GMO Health Risks: What the Scientific Evidence Says

Or Watch this amazing video from Dr. Edward F. Group, III of the Global Healing Center and Mike Adams of Gaia TV, Secrets to Health: How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs

Lastly, link to a Council on Foreign Relations case study on Contemporary European Regulatory Politics as it relates to Genetically Modified Organisms vs. the US. The Regulation of GMOs in Europe and the United States: A Case-Study of Contemporary European Regulatory Politics [/trx_infobox]

Recommended Herbal Solutions

One of the known culprit in GMO foods is fusarium, a type of fungal pathogen. We suggest one of our existing anti-fungal formulas along with a specific formula, GMO Exposure Herbal Solutions. This herbal formulation is very efficient and will reduce brown and red spots quickly.  If taken frequently in combination with Intensive Fungal Cleanse or General Fungal Cleanse, the spots can be eradicated completely.

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